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The establishment of the “Araz Valley Economic Zone” is an important event for the development of the entire region, including the Jabrayil region. / 9 October, 2021

On October 4, 2021, Mr Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan visited the Jabrayil region. During the visit, President Ilham Aliyev met with the representatives of the Jabrayil community. During the meeting, the president said: “Everyone who comes to the liberated territories sees the devastation and witnesses the Armenian savagery and Armenian vandalism. This atrocity, this vandalism was committed during the occupation. There couldn’t be so much destruction during the war. During the occupation, the Armenians were engaged in looting and robbery, tearing down all the houses and buildings, and the whole world turned a blind eye to this. We had mobilized all our forces and would do so in a short period of time to rebuild and restore Jabrayili and all our other districts.          To achieve it practical work is done, and master plans of the liberated cities are being prepared and presented to the public.

In recent years, friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, based on strategic partnership, have been successfully developing in the economic sphere, as in all other areas. Azerbaijan has fruitful cooperation with various regions of Russia, including the Republic of Tatarstan. The establishment of a joint service center of KamAZ, one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, with the Ganja Automobile Plant Production Association in Jabrayil is an indication of this. The liberation of our historical lands under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev, Victorious Commander-in-Chief, President has increased the demand for agricultural machinery, as well as other equipment and technical services. From this point of view, the establishment of a joint service center for trucks and agricultural machinery in the Karabakh region by KamAZ OJSC and Ganja Automobile Plant Production Association has an important role.

 It should be noted that the project will be implemented in July of this year as part of a business mission of Russian companies to Azerbaijan. And this project will be implemented jointly with KamAZ Automobile Plant in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ganja Automobile Plant Production Association and KamAZ OJSC.

During the meeting, President Ilham Aliyev said: “October 4 – this date will forever remain in the history of the Azerbaijani people. Because on October 4, the city of Jabrail was liberated from the invaders, and this victory had a great meaning. For the first time in the first week of the war, the city and the district center were liberated. It had a great symbolic meaning. This gave additional strength and confidence to our Army. We were able to build the enemy’s line of defense in this direction. After the liberation of strategically important villages, it was necessary to liberate Zangilan. At the same time, after the Fizuli and Jabrayil operations, the road to Hadrut was already open. The liberation of Jabrayil began five years ago. As a result of the April fighting, opportunities were created to return people to the village of Jojuq Marjanli. After the liberation of the strategic heights from the occupiers, it was possible for Jojug Marjanli to return to life. The return to Jojug Marjanli was the beginning of the Great Return.