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On this day in history: The Azerbaijan Parliament was established on December 7, 1918.
Historical facts: Land of ancient Azerbaijan - Zangazur district
Let us learn about Azerbaijan's historical monuments: Shabran district, Kilvar village, the medieval Albanian Church. Source: Historical Monuments. Shabran Regional Department of Civil Service.
The first congress of the Musavat party was held in the Ismailiyya building in Baku on October 26-31, 1917.
Today in history: October 25 is the day of the liberation of Gubadli from occupation.
Today in History September 15, 1918 - the day of the liberation of Baku.
Today in history. 29 years have passed since the Balligaya massacre committed by Armenian military units against peaceful Azerbaijanis.
Today in history. August 28, 1919 - The government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted a law on the nationalization of public education and secondary schools.
From the pen of our historians
Today's in history. On August 18, 1919, the Government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted the first official document on border protection - the law on "Establishing border protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the point of view of customs"
One of the important works carried out by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan during its 23-month period of activity was the investigation of the genocide that occurred in the country in 1918 and the identification of the perpetrators. While still in Ganja, on July 15, 1918, the government decided to create an Extraordinary Investigative Commission to investigate cases of violence and destruction committed by Armenian-Dashnak units under the name of the Bolsheviks against the Muslim population and their property.
Mamed Khan Takinsky
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