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On this day - On October 9 Hadrut was liberated from the occupation. / 9 October, 2021

In The First War, that is, on 2 November, 1992 Hadrut, other villages and heights locating in Khojavend were occupied by Armenian troops. And during II Karabakh War which took place after 28 years, on 9 October, 2020 Hadrut was liberated from the occupation by Victorious Azerbaijan Army. On that day other places were also liberated. These are:
• Hadrut town and Sur village, Khojavend
• Garacalli. Suleymanli, Efendiler and Gishlag villages, Jebrayil
• Yukhari Guzlek, Gorazalli villages, Fuzuli
• Chayli village, Terter
May God rest Azerbaijani brave men’s soul in rest who had sacrificed their life for the sake of our lands.