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"The Azerbaijan Medicine Museum"
The Azerbaijan Medicine Museum has been in operation since January 29, 1986, as per Order No. 162 of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan SSR. Its establishment aimed to shed light on and preserve an essential aspect of Azerbaijani cultural heritage—the history of medicine and healthcare development in the republic, along with the notable contributions of Azerbaijani scientists to both national and global science.
Situated within the premises of the former Karashaher hospital, where the esteemed statesman Nariman Narimanov practiced medicine from 1914 to 1917, the museum serves as a significant hub for showcasing this heritage. With a total of 13,845 items housed in its collection, the museum’s treasury continuously grows with the addition of new materials.
Regular visitors to the museum include students from the Azerbaijan Medical University, doctors from the Medical Training Institute, students from secondary medical educational institutions, as well as foreign guests and local citizens, all contributing to the ongoing appreciation and understanding of Azerbaijan’s medical legacy.


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