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Historical monument “Sohubgala” is one of the oldest fortresses on the territory of Azerbaijan. The monument is located in the Sohub village of Guba district, at the foot of the Main Caucasus, at an altitude of 1700 meters. The monument is called “Sohubgala”, “Divlergala”, “Div Castle”, “Sukut Castle”. Although the construction date of “Sohubgala” is not written in historical documents, some sources state that it belongs to the IV-VI centuries, and others to the IX-XI centuries. According to the researchers, the meaning of the word “Sohubgala” means “the side of the castle”, “the direction of the castle”. This ancient historical monument is made of bricks and egg yolk was used in its construction. The monument looks like 2 barrels from the outside and looks like the number 8. Since the beginning, there was no entrance to the monument. It is said that the entrance part of the monument was also removed due to underground secret ways. According to some stories, when people experienced clinical death, they were kept here for 3 days to wake up. “Sohubgala” monument is also of strategic importance. It was used as a military communication post in ancient times. Due to the fact that the traces of the bonfire left on the monument are still there, a special military communication was carried out from “Sohubgala”. There are ancient graves at the foot of the castle. “Sohubgala” historical monument is located on the Guba-Khanegah tourist route with a total length of 25 kilometers, the historical monument is a unique attraction for local and foreign tourists. From the peak where the historical monument is located, a mysterious view of the surrounding mountains and villages opens. The historical monument is protected by inventory No. 4676 as an architectural monument of local importance, according to Appendix No. 2 approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 02, 2001.


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