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"Dome bath"

Gumbazli Bath, located in the center of Guba, is a XVIII-XIX century monument. The dome bath is also named “Chukhur hamam,” “Bakir hamam,” and “Mashadi Alimardan hamam.” Until 1985, it was used as a bath.
The vaulted bathhouse has a main hall, four chambers for males, and three more rooms for leisure and tea drinking. The red brick bathroom has one entrance, six windows, and one level. National ornaments were skillfully incorporated in the bathroom. It is made up of two arches, one enormous and one little.
According to Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers decision No. 32 of 2002, the bath was added to the list of local historical and cultural monuments, and extensive repairs were completed in 2016. The Ministry of Culture has designated it as a historical monument.


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