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"Tomb of Sheikh Babi, XIII century"

The tomb of Sheikh Babi was built in the 13th century by the architect Ali Mecideddin in the village of Babi, Fuzuli district. Popularly known as “Shikhbaba’s tomb”, this monument is located in the cemetery near Babı village of Fuzuli region. Sheikh Babi Yaqubi is buried in the tomb. The tomb has eight corners. It is made of white stone and covered with an octagonal dome. The influence of Momuna Khatun’s tomb can be seen in the outer surface divisions of Sheikh Bab’s tomb. According to legend, the Sheikh’s body was buried in a stone box, in front of the southern window of the tomb. N. Khanikov, the first Russian scientist who managed to read the inscription in the mausoleum, said that the tomb of Sheikh Babi Yaqub was built in 1271-1272 by the order of Mashadi Babi Yaqub ibn Saad. From Mashadikhanim Nemat’s translation, it was determined that the construction of this holy tomb for the ascetic, perfect Sheikh Bab Yaqub ibn Ismail Qur Khar was ordered in 672 of the Hijri calendar (1273-1274 AD). The inscriptions on the tombstone have been translated. It is written there that; This holy tomb was built for Zahid Kamal, Sheikh Bab Yaqub ibn Ismail Qur Khar. 1 tomb and a damaged minaret remain from the tomb complex. The monument was seriously damaged as a result of large-scale provocations by the Armenian Armed Forces during the fighting in Karabakh on September 29, 2020.


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