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According to historians
Kamran Ismayilov, a doctor of philosophy in history, details in his book “Genocide against the Azerbaijani people in Zangezur” that the materials from the Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry, particularly in the report by N. Mikhaylov, provide concrete evidence of Armenian vandalism supported by witness statements. In a horrific incident, Armenian militants targeted the village of Vaghudi (Vaghadi) in the Zangezur district, brutally taking the lives of 400 Muslims who had sought refuge in the mosque. Additionally, 15 young girls from the village resorted to taking their own lives due to unbearable insults. One tragic case involved the daughter of Gadima Tahir, who was killed with a dagger along with her nursing baby. Shaki, one of the largest Turkish villages in the region, witnessed the most brutal crime, with 380 inhabitants losing their lives, including 140 men, 160 women, and 200 children, while 146 people sustained injuries.
Source: Kamran Ismayilov’s “Genocide against the Azerbaijani people in Zangezur” (1918-1920), page 8.



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