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Dashalti operation

The Dashalti operation was launched on January 25, 1992 at 20:00 in order to liberate the Dashalti village of Asgaran district, located near Shusha, from Armenian chauvinists, and ended unsuccessfully on the night of January 26. This operation was led by the former Minister of Defense, Major General Tajaddin Mehdiyev.
Three volunteer divisions of the newly formed Azerbaijan Army and fighters of the defense battalion of Shusha city took part in the operation.
As a result of the lack of communication between the groups, tactical errors, the spread of operational secrets and the treachery of the guides, the Azerbaijani soldiers who entered Dashalti from the direction of Nabilar village were ambushed by the enemy and completely destroyed.
According to official information, the Azerbaijani Army lost more than 90 people in this operation, and dozens of soldiers are still missing.


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