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Agha Muhammad oglu Mammadov

Agha Muhammad oglu Mammadov, born in 1868 in the Avajug village of the Gusar district in Guba, was a prominent figure of his time. After studying at a high madrasa under renowned scholars in Guba and Darbend, Agha Mammadov continued his education in Baku. Known for his commitment to justice, education, and guidance, he earned the title “Sir.”
During the Guba genocide in 1918, Agha Efendi courageously fought against the Bolsheviks-Dashnaks alongside 40 individuals from the Avajug village in the Bloody Valley. In a decisive battle, Agha Efendi’s group confronted the Dashnaks attempting to breach the Gusars’ defense, turning their bayonets into action. Aziz Shabanov’s group quickly joined the fray, causing the Armenians to throw down their weapons and retreat. Agha Effendi’s men collected the discarded weapons and carried them to the trench, inspiring fellow warriors and successfully navigating a challenging situation.


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