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Aslan bey Ali agha oglu Gardashov

Aslan bey Ali agha oglu Gardashov, a prominent figure in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, was born in 1866 in the village of Chokakoba, Zagatala district. He initially pursued his education at the Transcaucasian Teachers’ Seminary before furthering his studies at Istanbul University. Working in the realms of law and education, Aslan Bey Kardashov was elected as a member of the Second Duma from Dagestan. He joined the Musavat party in 1917 and was appointed to the commission on the amnesty of political prisoners by the newly convened AKP Parliament on December 25, 1918. Later, on March 14, 1919, Aslan Bey Nasib Bey Yusifbeyli assumed the role of Minister of Agriculture and State Property in the fourth government cabinet. Following the Bolshevik invasion on April 28, 1920, A. Gardashov, remaining devoted to the ideals of independence, led the Zagatala uprising. While it’s widely believed that Aslan Bey was executed on July 21, 1920, during the course of this uprising, precise details regarding his fate remain elusive.


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