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"Teymur Bey Novruzov"

Major General Teymur Bey Novruzov was a prominent Azerbaijani military commander during the establishment of the National Army. Born on April 20, 1880, in the village of Govlar, Yelizavetpol district, he came from a family with a strong military tradition. He received his primary education at the Tiflis Cadet Corps and graduated from the Yelisavetgrad Officer School in 1898.
During World War I, Teymur Bey Novruzov served as the commander of the 4th squadron of the 17th Nizhegorodskoy Dragoon Regiment, participating in operations on the South-Western Front. Following the declaration of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, he was promoted to the rank of major general by a government decision on August 2, 1919. Subsequently, he was appointed commander of the Cavalry Division in the Azerbaijan Army, where he significantly contributed to the creation, equipping, and improvement of the division’s combat readiness.
In March 1920, the regiment from his cavalry division stationed in Karabakh (Shusha) actively participated in military operations against the Dashnaks. Teymur Bey Novruzov was also a key organizer and participant in the Ganja Uprising of May 1920, which was an early resistance effort against Soviet rule. After the uprising was suppressed, he emigrated to France, where he eventually passed away.


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