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From the pen of our historians
Academician Yagub Mahmudov writes: “The historical truth is that in 1805, an agreement called the Kurakchay Agreement was signed between Russia and the Azerbaijani state of the Karabakh Khanate. According to the agreement, the Karabakh khanate accepted the auspice of Russia, and Russia confirmed that the lands included in the Karabakh khanate belonged to Ibrahimkhalil khan, or rather to Azerbaijan, and will remain the heirs of the Karabakh khan in the future. Armenian historians falsify the real history, ie the Kurakchay agreement, and claim that the territory of the Karabakh khanate allegedly belonged to the Armenians, and that the agreement was signed between the Armenians and Russia. However, the resettlement of Armenians from Iran and Turkey to Azerbaijan, including the territory of the Karabakh khanate, began in 1828, more than 1805, after the signing of the Kurakchay agreement. In 1978, the Armenians themselves celebrated the 150th anniversary of their resettlement from Iran to Karabakh, and on this occasion, they built a monument in the village of Margushevan, Agdara region. In 1988, Armenian separatist-terrorist groups destroyed the monument, claiming that Armenians were an ethnic group that came to Karabakh in order to “lose track of the historical truth.” At present, the remains of this monument are in the territory of Agdara region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Source, from the article of Academician Yagub Mahmudov “Ermənilərin XIX əsrdə Şimali Azərbaycan ərazilərinə köçürülməsi tarixi həqiqətdir” (The resettlement of Armenians to the territories of Northern Azerbaijan in the XIX century is a historical fact).(“Azerbaijan” newspaper, July 18, 2014).