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Historical facts: Land of ancient Azerbaijan - Zangazur district
After the collapse of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the Soviet government made illegal biased decisions to annex Azerbaijani lands to Armenia, without taking into account the country’s sovereignty. One of these decisions, taken against the will of the state and Azerbaijani people, was the transfer of the historical Zangazur district to Soviet Armenia.
The transfer of the historical territory of Azerbaijan – Upper Zangazur, to Armenia began on November 30, 1920 by the decision of the joint meeting of the Political and Organizational Bureaus of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. The decision proposed to divide the Zangazur region into two parts: West Zangazur district and East Zangazur district. As a result, 3105 sq.verst of 6742 sq.verst of Zangazur district remained part of the Azerbaijan SSR, and 3637 sq. verst was given to Armenia. These purposeful territorial divisions separated the ancient land of Nakhchivan from other Azerbaijani lands.
In 1933, the Soviet Union abolished the Upper Zangazur district of Armenia, and after the creation of the regions, the name Zangazur began to be erased from the maps.
Gafan, Gorus, Garakilsa (Sisian) and Mehri districts were established in the territory of Zangazur district, the historical land of Azerbaijan. First there were created Kurdistan area, then Zangilan, Gubadli, Lachin districts on the rest of Zangezur in Azerbaijan . In 1992-93, the remaining territories of Zangazur were occupied by Armenian armed forces.